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Rachio Pro Rewards is a new program giving you the chance to earn Free Pro Series Rachio Controllers in exchange for activating them for your customers. For every 10 you activate, you’ll earn a FREE 8-Zone Pro Series Controller.

Pro Controller Terminals

How it works

  • Activate Pro Series controllers using your Rachio app email address
  • Share Access or Transfer Ownership to homeowner after completing the controller activation
  • Earn 10 points for every eligible controller you activate
  • Get one free 8-zone Pro Series controller at pro distribution for every 100 points earned


  • All Pro Controllers are eligible for this program.
  • Must use the email associated with your Rachio app when signing up/re-signing up for the Rachio Pro application.
  • Must activate controllers using your Rachio app. Your email is used to track and receive points for activations.
  • Shared Access/Transferred Ownership to your account after the controller is activated will NOT count for points.
  • Once the controller is activated, the controller cannot be reactivated to receive points.
  • Rewards points will only be awarded to the email address used to activate the controller.
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